classroom activity in Bangladesh

20 Dec


I am  Jotish Chandra Roy ,  math teacher, Taluk Shakhati High School, Lalmonirhat,Bangladesh. I live in a small village . I have  20 years’ experience in teaching. My vison  has been to explore new technologies of teaching  in classroom. I want  to be preparing students to be creators of technology tools  simply users of technology. my first target  of my  students and helping them grow as people, both in and out of the classroom. I love technology because ICT is the best method in our classroom activity for students .

Bangladesh is endowed with a large pool of intelligent young citizens who, with proper education, can be turned into a valuable human resource befitting the needs of the 21st century.

Secondary schools, using one laptop with internet connection and a multimedia projector per classroom. These classrooms have also succeeded in enhancing quality of classroom learning, drawing deeper attention from students and making teachers more effective in communicating difficult ideas.

Multimedia classrooms, digital contents and teacher training together will improve overall quality of learning in primary and secondary education by promoting effective and participatory learning and eliminating unnecessary memorizing tendencies.

Multimedia classroom make teaching and learning more effective and enjoyable for both students and teachers using ICT Multimedia Classrooms in secondary schools


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